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I can cycle in normal clothes, stay cool and stylish and hills and distance – no problem

Carmel, Anglesea

This bike is actually better than I expected…
I particularly love the pannier bag

Dave, Geelong

The bike rolls so easily. It’s like riding on the flat or slightly downhill without worrying about a headwind or an incline.

I find myself not content with just a ride around the block for some exercise … I want to go to the next town.. or the one after that.

40 or 50 km easy and when I get to a destination.. it is easy to stow for a trip back in anyone’s car.

The new GoCyle GS has benefits and features like:

  • You don’t get grease on you.
  • An 80 km range but I get heaps more around here and its still a bike with peddles after all… so you don’t have to just stop
  • It goes fast and the smartphone app shows you that and charge, and select modes and more, right there while your riding.
  • I even listen to music through a Bluetooth speaker I put in the pannier bag

This bike in a word; Fun!

Interested in learning more? We recommend you watch this quick review video to give you a better idea of the bike, and its design. As well as its many features.

Warning though; you will have lots of people asking about it when you pull up because its style is so 21st century and people don’t even know its electric.